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Cubanidad Textures

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15 original textures by Doug Landreth.

Fragments of manuscripts and historical documents are blended into weathered, stained and deteriorating substrates. 

It's a beautiful way to incorporate elements of handwriting, typography, seals, stamps, and earth tone textures into your art. Guaranteed to warm up your digital creations. Use layer transparency, masking techniques, and blending modes to fine tune the effects.

Preview the entire collection below.

 This product is delivered as an immediate digital download • For Mac and PC • Use with Photoshop, Elements, ON1 Perfect Photo Suite and Photo10, Topaz Texture Effects, and any other photo editing software that allows the creative use of layers and blending modes • Download size 119.9.1 MB. • 15 JPEG files, each measures 6000px.  

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Mouse over image for "before" Cubanidad Texture effect.

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Note: Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. Actual textures are 6000 pixel high-resolution files.